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Donald G. Beaman

Born in USA, 1933-2014



In the words of the late Professor Donald Beaman, the renowned artist of the Tarot of Saqqara:


I taught design for the theatre at Carnegie Mellon University, Penn State University, San Jose State in California, before settling at Boston University in 1968, retiring in 1995. My career has included design for scenery and sometimes costumes for regional theatre in Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C., as well as many seasons of summer theatre.

I have been tracing the Mysteries through ancient Egyptian symbolism and have designed “The TAROT of SAQQARA”. In 1982, I designed for and wrote material in anticipation of publication of extensive studies in the TAROT, and Egyptian Kabbalah. I have lectured on this symbolism at various conferences, and continue to develop the major themes indicating a universal consciousness.

The study of the TAROT and the KABBALAH traces the Mysteries beyond the veil of popular occultism toward the roots I find in ancient Egyptian symbolism. Being a designer and an artist, I find that I can illustrate the symbolism, as well as write about it. As the two disciplines developed, I have produced a sizable amount of very curious work, including a comparative book called “ Rune Ryngs”.

The TAROT of Saqqara designed following my first trip to Egypt in 1981. The major trumps display the twenty-one columned archways in the Hallway that is the entrance to the complex at SAQQARA near Memphis. The designs were composed as a collage of drawings from the ancient monuments. The style of drawing is in the tradition of anonymity that characterized most of the ancient works. The design is my own, probably with the guidance of some Akashic memory, and with some reference to the works of the famous “Golden Dawn Society”.

I have lectured on Sacred Geometry in Boston, Massachusetts and maintained a studio and gallery in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. With my wife Sarah Benson, we have co-founded the “Earth Sound Light Center” in Charlemont, Massachusetts where we combine the arts of sound, music and visual design to stimulate universal consciousness. Since 1981 I have returned to Egypt as a guide in 1984 and again in 1996.


The Return to Saqqara

Design/Layout and commentary on the Tarot
And commentary on KA-BA-AA
Copyright © 1985 by Donald G. Beaman
All rights reserved.


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