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Using the Significator as the starting point, we begin the Atu Layout and place a card on top of the first:

1. The Significator (the person as evidenced in the present);
this card also protects the Querent

2. What challenges the Querent (sideways to the first card)
These two cards are aspects of the consciousness of the
individual. Now we build the gateway:

3. The threshold: the foundation for the present question and
the essence of the immediate challenge.

4. The lintel - above our head – or what crowns or aids us,
either when we have crossed the threshold, or what we
have already learned that aids us in the current endeavor.

5. Column on the left (of the reader): what is passing or
recently resolved.

6. Column on the right (of the reader): what can be expected
in the near future.
We signify our crossing through the gate by a run of cards to
the right hand side:

7. How we see ourselves relative to the current state.

8. How others view us in this context; especially those who
are closest to us.

9. Our hopes and fears centering in the issue.

10.The outcome relative to the immediate challenge.

At this point I usually refer to my manual as if it were a series of “menus;” unlike many readers, I do not prefer to memorize by rote all of the items, but rely upon guidance to prompt me with suggestions from the “menu.” Centering in the omniconsciousness of the source, asking what is appropriate at all times and “becoming-one-with” the Querent, I try to merge the information of all the forces with the symbolism of the card to uncover the clearest vision of the communication and, relative to the directions, straight or reversed, in which we are either in charge (cause) or affected (effect).



On a Method of Reading the Cards:

Our habit is to use a “Spread” that has been labeled ”The Celtic Cross;” but we interpret this as a monumental archway representing the present moment of challenge or opportunity. We ask the Querent to mix or shuffle the cards to put one’s energy and any questions silently into the deck. Then we ask the Querent to pull a card that will act as a Significator. When the person feels that it’s appropriate, we ask for a division into three piles, which we then re-assemble, trusting in guidance. We then begin the “layout” making commentary as we are guided, but reserving ourselves toward the actual “reading.”

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