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FREE US shipping. 82-card deck painted by artist Donald Beaman. This Egyptian tarot card deck features the traditional 78 cards plus 4 initiate cards. Boxed set includes 82 colorfully illustrated cards and a 96-page instructional booklet.  

Tarot of Saqqara 82-card deck

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Deck: 82 brilliantly colored cards 3.5"x5.5" on thick 350 gsm card stock. Includes 78 traditional tarot cards and 4 unique initiate cards. The backs of the cards have a geometrical design that cannot be discerned up from down.

    Box: Two part box of quality cardboard.

    Booklet: 96-page black and white instructional booklet describing all 82 cards of the deck as well as the Atu Layout.